Wild Girl Horror – Shannon – ExposedLatinas

Mexico is a beautiful place, but it hides many secrets. In the country with the most beautiful and hottest Latinas there is a place where things have happened. Incredible things that nobody talks about. A virus has mutated and turned part of the population into zombies. Chaos has won the streets and in that town there is a pact not to know what is happening.Some have fled and never mentioned the subject to anyone. Others have found in the problem, a way to take advantage of it. This young man has gotten a zombie girl who can still take advantage of it. She is a beast, who eats raw meat, but at the same time has a very tight and juicy pussy. Our protagonist is also brave.He is not afraid to shove his cock into the zombie girl’s mouth, fucking her throat with hard cocks making her salivate between grunts. Then he fucks her pussy in different positions, without having to listen to complaints, only primal grunts of pleasure.